How to Be a Confident Marketer, According to Doug Kessler

It’s rare that a webinar is on a topic that you’re interested in with a speaker that you enjoy. When this kind of webinar comes along at a time that you can actually attend, it’s truly a beautiful thing. Earlier this week I listened in on a webinar called “Putting Backbone into B2B Marketing: The Power of Confident Messaging” with none other than Doug Kessler of Velocity Partners. Confidence is a big part of charisma, so I was eager to attend. Doug didn’t disappoint!

Here’s what I learned.

Confident marketing…

  • Believes in what it’s doing
  • Is in the sweet spot of customer interest + company expertise
  • Makes a good offer
  • Doesn’t say more than it has to
  • Isn’t afraid to leave the land of rainbow, smiles, and best practices for the occasional rant
  • Is okay with alienating people who aren’t its ideal target

How can you make your content more confident? Well, Doug has some ideas:

  • Look for the people in your company who are having the most fun and partner with them
  • Figure out what you and your prospects are both working against (i.e. a common enemy)
  • Keep asking “why” until you hit deeply-held company beliefs, and use these as fuel
  • Work to get inside your customers’ world so you can really serve them

If the idea of more confident marketing makes you nervous, keep this advice in mind: 1) Arrogance is confidence that isn’t deserved, 2) There’s a long way to go from bland to arrogant, and 3) When it comes down to it, the real danger lies in playing it safe.

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