In Good Content Marketing, Listening Has Limits

There are some people and companies that never listen. They’d rather admire their own opinions and wax on about their offerings. Those who don’t listen are not charismatic; they’re annoying. And we all agree on that. A person who is charismatic is a good listener. However, there’s no guarantee that a good listener is charismatic.ยน… Continue reading

Right Off the Press: Advice from Ardath Albee, Content Guru

Today I was lucky enough to kick off my first day at Content Marketing World with Ardath Albee at her pre-conference workshop, Making Content Work for the Salesforce. Truth is, even if I leave Cleveland tonight, I’ve learned enough! Ardath gave me actionable tips and plenty of inspiration to hit the ground running when I… Continue reading

The Content Power Formula

The best content is useful, timely, AND charismatic. Just useful, and it’s a boring instruction manual. Just timely, and it’s bad clickbait. (See: Buzzfeed at its worst.) Just charismatic, and it’s persuasive without a point. If the content misses each of the three marks, it’s “why even bother?” Sure, content can be two of the… Continue reading

My Top Ten Takeaways from Reading The Challenger Sale

Wow, it’s been a while! What better way to ease back into blogging than by sharing my takeaways from a great marketing/sales book that I read while I was out? The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson first came to my attention after I read an interview… Continue reading

You Talkin’ to SME? Top Tips for Working with Experts

Content is king, and SMEs are the kingmakers. They’re key to making content marketing magic. I recently completed a six-month long collaboration with one of my company’s subject matter experts. The SME in question is a fountain of knowledge about a topic that most people would find inscrutable: the communications technologies that electric utilities can… Continue reading

The Fab and the Drab in Recent Content Marketing Headlines

After you’ve put in all the work to brainstorm, research, and write a piece, you want it to get eyeballs. Headlines are your calling card, a testament to the first impression. Writing fantastic headlines is a skill that every marketer is supposed to have in their toolkit. And yet a lot of us — even… Continue reading

Ten Key Elements of an Excellent Conference Event Guide

A nice venue has been reserved, good speakers have been recruited, and the food and drink is planned to impress. A corporate conference is a major budget investment and the culmination of months of planning. A mobile website to accompany the event is great, but a printed event guide chock-full of useful information can be… Continue reading

3 Ways to Show Your Audience That You Understand Them

Customers don’t want to be thought of as complicated creatures. Does anyone? My bet is that most of them would rather us marketers “get” them so we can better serve them. At the end of the day, there are a million ways to show that you don’t understand someone and about a thousand ways to… Continue reading