How to Be a Confident Marketer, According to Doug Kessler

It’s rare that a webinar is on a topic that you’re interested in with a speaker that you enjoy. When this kind of webinar comes along at a time that you can actually attend, it’s truly a beautiful thing. Earlier this week I listened in on a webinar called “Putting Backbone into B2B Marketing: The… Continue reading

Jumping In the Ring On a Debate About Charisma

It’s clear there’s some confusion out there about using charisma in business. What I didn’t realize is how much controversy there is, too. This week, the topic led to one of the most heated responses I’ve seen yet to an article about sales and marketing. I’ll catch you up. Last Friday, a salesperson for Signals… Continue reading

The Five Principles of Charismatic Content

If you’ve read my first-ever post on this blog, you’re familiar with my position on the importance of consumer-facing content being charismatic. I often find it’s helpful to think of this model in human terms. Imagine the most socially graceful individual you know — someone who everyone likes and trusts and who knows how to… Continue reading

In B2B, Content Is Charisma

Olivia Fox Cabane opens her book The Charisma Myth with a political anecdote that takes place in London, 1886. William Gladstone and Benjamin Disraeli are against one another for the post of prime minister of the United Kingdom. In the final week before the election, the two men happen to take the same woman out… Continue reading